(6) Aaron

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Aaron awoke from his his slumber on the floor of a throne room. Everything was white and blue. He stood up and looked around the area. He recognized none of this. He reached for his sword, but it was not there. His armour was gone, and he stood in only a tunic. A guard walked by. Suddenly everything came back to him. The Coliseum Scorpion, Elenar getting hit with an arrow in the back… The Strange demons he encountered who knocked him out, and captured him. He vividly remembered the demons, when they began appearing. They attacked without a thought, or before Aaron could respond.  Aaron Saw his sword on a hanger on a little weapons holder. The demons attacked before he could Think of touching his sword, so how was he supposed to retrieve it. Maybe I can just… walk over to it? He thought. He walked over and picked it off the weapons holder. Well that was convenient. He pulled it from the sheath. “So I see you have decided to retrieve your weapon, have you?” A man in a hood pulled over his face had appeared in the throne. Aaron spun around in suprise. “Who’re you?” The Man chuckled. “I am the man who controls armies and armies of these demons, as you called them.”

“How did you know that I called them demons?” Aaron said. “I only thought that! Were you reading my mind???” The man chuckled again. “No, I did not “Read” your mind. You cannot “read” someones mind. The mind is not a book to be read. No, what you did was project your thoughts outward. It happens in this world, so don’t go thinking you have amazing powers.”

“Alright then. Why did you take me here? Why aren’t I in a dungeon of sorts?”

“Aaron, I want to offer you something. It will be of great importance in the time to come.” Aaron listened, thinking about every word the man said, listening for a trick, a way to confuse him. “An offer? Tell me this offer.” Aaron said. The man continued on, “I will give you a sword crafted from the great mountain, and the second greatest armour compared to the one that you aided in destroying, if you do me a favor.” Aaron thought for a minute. “What favor?”

“Aaron, I want you to kill Scorpion.”


-The Voice.


(5) The First Plot Twist and The End of Chapter 1.

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“So, back a few years ago, a man who had fought more battles than anyone you could meet, his name was Phion, found out about a massive mountain to the north of Aitra. He walked towards it and discovered something…”
7 Years in the Past, in the city of Gules.

Phion Walked forward, into the city of Gules. Gules was a great city, covered in flowers and rich people walked the streets all the time. It was the richest city in the whole country of Aitra. Phion walked into a town blacksmith’s shop. “Oh! It’s the master! The great master of all weapon styles. What is someone as great and powerful as you doing in here, the most peasently blacksmiths in town.” Phion looked at the blacksmith. “I am the master, you are correct. I may be A brute in most peoples eyes, but I’m still the smartest of all the people in Aitra. I know for a fact, that this place makes the best weapons in all of Aitra. I’ll give you one hundred gold if you make me a scythe. I want it to be a great scythe. One that’s fit for a future great fighter, a man who will hopefully be called the greatest in the land.” Phion said. Phion (the master) placed the hundred gold on the table in front of the blacksmith. “I’ll do it. Come back in three weeks.” Phion nodded. He walked out of the blacksmiths. Phion marched forward towards the north of the city. A woman walked towards Phion and when she got close, thrusted a dagger at his stomach. Phion spotted this, and sidestepped to the right of the blade. As he did this, he pulled out one of his disposable daggers, and thrust it in her back. She fell to the ground, blood oozing from where Phion stabbed her. Phion kneeled beside her. “What was that about?” Phion asked. Phion rolled her onto her side. He told her, “Answer me. I stabbed you in a non-lethal part on your back. You can speak.” The woman looked at him, obviously in pain. She said only a few words. “Go… To… The.. West Side of Town…” She closed her eyes, becoming unconcious. Phion stood up and walked to the West end of town..
A man walked up to him when he arrived. “You must be Phion. I’m suprised you came after someone tried to kill you. Only an idiot would come after something like that.” Phion raised an eyebrow at the man. “So you’re going to kill me?” Phion burst into laughter.

Back In the Present, In the alternate dimension with Scorpion and the strange black and red man.

“I take after my old master, don’t I?” Scorpion said.
“Seemingly. Now shut up and stop interrupting me.”

7 Years in the Past, in the city of Gules, Phion is talking to a man who may have something that Phion wants.

Phion was crying, he laughed so hard. “Now, what do you actually want?” He asked the man. “I want you to take this.” The man responded, and handed him a small orb. The orb began to glow bright blue in his hand. “What is this, you fool?”
“That is the orb of fear, and I want you to use it.”
“Use It to do what???”
“I want you to cause fear in the city. Once the city is crying and screaming in fear, then I want you to take the orb, and smash it into the ground. We will reward you with something greater than money. The Armour crafted from the mountain of Darwin.”
“The Armour of Thurion? For that armour, I would do almost anything. How did you get it?”
“That’s the thing. I haven’t gotten it, but if you do this, it will open a new dimension. The Crystal will take all the peoples fear and turn it into a living, breathing being. For every fear that the people of Gules have, a fear being will manifest itself apon an alternate plane, and with you being the one to smash the ball, you will control them.” Phion looked at the orb. He smiled as an idea entered his head…

Back with Scorpion.

“He got an Idea. That’s it?” Scorpion asked. “No… That’s not it. He got the idea, and he succeded. He…”
“He what?” Scorpion Asked. The Black and red man paused. He paced around for a minute. “Well? What was it???” Scorpion Asked again, more impatiently. “He had someone else do it with him, thus enabling himself, and that person the ability to control them. He got… the King to do it.”

To Be Continued…..

(4) The Alternate Reality of the Alternate Reality.

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Scorpion dodged out of the way of one of the hooded figures attacks. He swung his scythe down upon the hooded figures back. The man disappeared in a puff of black and blue smoke. The woman hacked at the strange enemies. “Agh! We’ll never be able to fight this many enemies. We have to escape!” The woman said. “Me run? That’s not happening.” Scorpion scoffed at her. “Oh, don’t be a tough guy. Come on!” The woman stabbed her sword into the ground. It shot enemies back. She ran away from the battled. Scorpion sighed, and followed after her.

“Where are we headed?” Scorpion asked the woman. “We’re going to the South to the fear beings cit… To follow those fear beings who took your friends.” She responded. “What did you say your name was?”

“My name is Eadin. I was a guard for the king. I fought hard for him, and I would have died within a second for my king.”

“Is he alive?”

“I don’t know. My crew and I found him, but I told them to take him away while I looked for the two pieces of armour that you used to own.” She held up a rock with a symbol embedded on it. “I found this while I was searching for the armour.” She took Scorpions hand and placed the stone in his hand. “I picked this up, and then I was warped here.” Scorpion Examined it. “Do you know what this is?” He asked her. She shook her head. Suddenly, the scythe began to glow. It floated into midair. The stone then began to glow. They flew in circles in midair. They got closer and closer and finally collided. A great light took over Scorpions vision. “Gaaahhh!!!” Scorpion covered his eyes, but the light was still there, and then, it went totally black. Eadin watched Scorpion collapse. A smirk appeared on her face. She walked up to Scorpion and kneeled beside him.

“Ugh..” Scorpion sat up. He looked around. Everything was Black and red. The Red glowed dimly, and seemed to energize him.  Scorpion stood up. “Where am I???” Scorpion walked to the right. He walked into a wall of some sorts. Scorpion turned and walked the way he was originally facing. He walked for a few minutes. Suddenly, a man walked from the shadows. He looked like one of the beings that Scorpion had been fighting against, but he had red spots on him instead. “Who are you?” Scorpion asked the Person. “I am Gera. I live here in the alternate reality of the fear beings reality.” Scorpion gave Gera a questioning look, and said, “Fear being. That’s the second time I heard that. What are they?”

“They are the black and blue beings that you fought.”

“Why are they called fear beings?”

“Sit down, boy. This’ll be a long story…”

To be Continued.


The Voice.

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(3) Fear?

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Aaron flew out of the hole that he had leaped into. He fell and landed on his knees. The ground felt squishy, and wet, like a swamp. He stood up, but nothing had happened to his clothes. His clothes were still dry and comfortable. Scorpion and the unconscious Elenar flew out of the portal as well. “What the hell? This ground is soaked!” Scorpion stood. “Or not? Why aren’t I soaked? This place feels like a swamp… and where the hell are we?” Scorpion looked around. Aaron kneeled down beside Elenar. “I’m not sure, but this guy isn’t doing too well.” Aaron pulled out the arrow in Elenar’s back. Aaron examined the arrow. “This is one of the king’s personal arrows. Plus there’s poison on it.” Scorpion walked over. “Why would the king’s arrow have hit Elenar?” Scorpion asked. “I don’t know. Maybe he was aiming for another being, and hit him accidentally.” Scorpion nodded. “That makes sense.” Suddenly Scorpion was thrown forward by a magic attack that sent a shockwave across the ground, also knocking him unconscious. Aaron was too far ahead, and it did not hit him. Aaron pulled his sword from his sheath, dropped the arrow and spun around. He saw a tall figure in a cloak. The person had a staff with a grey crystal on the top of it. It was glowing. The person hit the ground with his staff.  He pointed at Aaron with his staff and a fireball flew from the staff. Aaron dived to the side, and the fireball shot past him. Aaron dashed forward at the person, and swung his sword.
  In the ruin of the coliseum, a woman fully clad in armour walked around with a legion of guards trying to find any survivors. They moved rubble out of the way, and dug through things. They found dead soldiers and broken armour. They found weapons, and then, they found one person still living. “King!” The woman said. She dug him out of the rubble. “Who.. are you?” He said. “That doesn’t matter.” She picked him up, and carried him over to the cart she had waiting for them at the edge of the coliseum. “Take him. Guards, go with the cart. I’ll catch up.” The woman walked over to the middle of the coliseum. “It should be somewhere over here.” She dug deeper. “Whatever. I’ll just make a new one. ”
  Aaron continued attacking the figure. The figure teleported away each time. Suddenly Aaron attacked, but the figure blocked the sword. His sword snapped in two. The person kicked Aaron in the stomach, and then shot lightning at him. Aaron threw his half sword towards the attack, stopping the attack, but the half sword was destroyed. Suddenly, a portal that looked like the one that Scorpion and Aaron came through opened up. Suddenly a woman flew out. She landed on the person. Scorpion awoke, and stood up. He picked up the arrow and stabbed the man in the back of the head with it. Scorpion picked the woman up. He asked, “Who’re you?” The woman struggled. “Stop struggling. What’s your name?” He demanded. “I” The woman answered, “Am… uh… Eadin. (Pronounced eedin) I was looking for some armour from the contest. The armour was destroyed in the semi finals. But I have a suggestion. Let me down, or die.” Scorpion laughed. “What makes you say that, little girl?” “Because, if you look around you, you’ll see that there are fear beings appearing around you.” Scorpion dropped her and turned. He saw the same beings that destroyed the coliseum. “Fear beings?” The beings started moving forward. Two appeared beside Aaron. They hit him over the head, knocking him out. They picked him up, and ran towards the south. Suddenly, some of the hooded figures appeared. “Hello, Scorpion. It’s time for you to surrender, otherwise we will have to kill you, and we will kill you, no matter what.” Scorpion swung his scythe around. “Then get ready for the fight of your life, cause I’ll never surrender…”

(2) The Enemy

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The Darkest Of Times

Chapter One: The Void

Scorpion arrived at the coliseum, feeling as uninterested as ever, for he assumed no one would pose as a great threat to him. When he was there three years prior, he won the entire contest without having to use his scythe. And who would have the enthusiasm to even compete after such an easy win. Suddenly a man stood in front of Scorpion interrupting his train of thought.
“Who the hell are you?” said Scorpion looking rather irritated.
“I am a messenger from the king,” said the scrawny looking man shooting a dirty look towards Scorpion, “And I am of high rank and have come to take you directly to him, personally requested by your royal king himself.”
Scorpion looked this man straight in the eyes and said in a very smug tone, “I am certainly not a fan of ‘my royal king’ the way he has been running Aitra is simply… disgusting. I am not responding to the fool.” The messenger turned away stepped no more than two paces before he turned his head and said, “But his proposition did include a vast sum of money. Apparently that shall all go to waste.” Scorpion was beside the man in a flash. “You have persuaded me. Take me to him at once.”

They arrived in a room that was lavished in expensive things; it was the most beautiful room he had ever seen. The king was watching the ongoing contest from a window on the front side of the room. A tall man turned, and the people at each side of the room looked at Scorpion. “Ah, Scorpion, I would know your face anywhere, as you are the greatest fighter in the land.” The man said. He had a scar across his left cheek and he was clean shaven. He was bald and muscular and carried a sword on his back. His armor was hung on the wall directly behind him, an eagle plastered on the center of it. Scorpion scoffed at the King. “What do you want, old man? I don’t have time to spare. I’m contestant number fifty, and they’re already on…” Scorpion looked at the guard. The guard held up two fingers. “Match two? Then I have no excuse. Fine then, what do you want?” The King looked out the window. “The second fight is ending. I want you to come see the third one.” Scorpion groaned, and walked up to the window. Down on the arena, Scorpion saw a man without any weapons. He had gauntlets on his hands, and armor on. There was a symbol on it. DH. ‘DH?’ thought Scorpion. ‘I know that symbol… isn’t that the Duke of Hirith’s symbol? That man is oddly familiar! Is that the guardian from when I stole this armor?’ The match began. The man without weapons walked forward towards his opponent. The opponent charged. “His name, Scorpion is Elenar” the king looked at him, then back at the match. Elenar pulled his fists into a stance that Scorpion didn’t recognize. Elenar was suddenly beside his opponent, and punched the opponent in the temple, completely shattering his forehead. The man flew sideways, so far, that he hit the magic barrier that enclosed them. Elenar’s lips twitched, he opened his palm in the direction of his opponent and a bolt of lightning Shot out and hit the man. Medics rushed in, and the barriers disappeared.

“You remember that it’s nearly impossible for someone to die in the arena because of the powerful magic we have infused in it?” The king asked Scorpion. “Yes. Still, I killed six people when I was here three years ago,” Scorpion smiled, and then abruptly, his smile stopped. “Yes… I do remember that. I also remember that that was the reason we didn’t have enough people to block off the attack that the assassins guild had made on the nobles.” The King made a sarcastic smile and Scorpion continued, “I also remember that I came in just in time to save the other eighty-four of you.” The king commanded attention and cleared his throat, “We lost four of them! Ahem. Moving on, there is another man I need you to see. He is contestant twenty six. His name is Aaron. He is the commanding man of the guards, and one of the most amazing swordsmen I’ve seen in my many, many years. I need you to see him.” Scorpion nodded and said,
“Maybe I’ll get a fun fight. It’s been a long time since I had one of those. But I heard of a potential pay, for? How much would that be?” Scorpion asked. The King said “A thousand gold.” Scorpion raised an eyebrow at the king. “I have more money than any stupid noble, and you expect to coax me over with one thousand gold? You aren’t the smartest king, are you?”
“Fine, I’ll give you five times that.” the king shouted.
Scorpion nodded. “I’ll be seeing you later then.” And he walked out of the room.

The twenty sixth round came after a few hours. Aaron won without even using the blade of his sword. All he did was dodge out of the way of his enemy’s attack, and hit her across the face with the hilt of the weapon. It crushed in Aaron’s enemy’s face mask. Aaron walked out the entrance, and Scorpion was waiting for him. “That girl was a basic enemy for you, wasn’t she?” He said as Aaron walked around the corner. He stopped and looked at Scorpion. “Yeah, I’ve never been beaten except by the king and my old commanders,” Aaron tilted his head. “Aren’t you Scorpion, the ‘Greatest’ fighter of all?” Scorpion nodded. “But I’m not a fighter. I am a warrior. A fighter uses swords and bows. I enjoy a scythe.” Scorpion said.
“Oh yeah? So, you base your life off of the Grim reaper?” Aaron asked, sarcastically. Scorpion pulled out his scythe and cut off Aaron’s sword belt so fast that air sent Aaron skidding backwards. “Nah.” Scorpion said. “I’m better than the grim reaper.” Aaron walked to his sword belt and picked it up. He glared at Scorpion, and walked away.

When Scorpion got to the front desk, he asked if he could enter. The Guard said that Scorpion’s first opponent ‘chickened’ out. That happened every time until the semi finals. Aaron got to the Semi-finals, going up against Scorpion. Elenar’s Match already went by, and he won, making it to the finals. It was Aaron VS Scorpion. The two great warriors stood on the battlefield. Aaron’s sword was already out. Scorpion stood with his arms crossed. “Well, well. It’s Aaron. It’s seven PM, and I’m about to defeat one of the greatest warriors many have ever seen. Make this fun, okay?” Scorpion said. He pulled out his scythe, and leaped at Aaron. Scorpion swung down as he landed. Aaron dived forward, and rolled back onto his feet. He spun around, skidding. He ran forward, and slashed at Scorpion from behind. Scorpion blocked with the metal pole that held the blade of the scythe. Scorpion kicked Aaron, sending him backwards. He then sent a blast of energy at Aaron with his scythe. It Shot along the ground, and left a trail of fire behind it. Aaron swung horizontally, and hit the energy attack back at Scorpion. It shot at amazing speed back at Scorpion, Ripping his amazing armor to shreds. “Hey! I had to go into another country and steal this from the Duke of Hirith’s by fighting a guardian! I’m gonna kill you!!!” A strange feeling came over Scorpion. His eyes glowed red. He charged at Aaron, faster than before. He struck at Aaron, and Aaron barely dodged the attack. The ground under where Scorpion hit Exploded under both Aaron’s and Scorpion’s feet. Scorpion leaped off the ground before the ground fell beneath him.

Elenar, watching from the sidelines look at the remnants of the armor, knew that armor. That was the armor, the Duke of Hirith’s armor. That was him. He was probably going to fight the Imbecile who got his life screwed up. The only reason he was allowed in Aitra was because he saved the king’s life. Before he did that, he had to slink around the country. Finally his revenge could be completed…

Aaron climbed out of the hole, but before he could do anything, Scorpion picked him up and threw him across the arena. “I’m not done… until I’m incapacitated!” Aaron shouted. “You won’t be incapacitated. You’ll be dead.” Scorpion basically warped forward, and hit Aaron with his scythe. Blood spewed from Aaron. Suddenly, the spells all were broken in the arena, the barrier disappeared. Suddenly Scorpion came to his senses. “What the hell was that?” he said. Wizards and healers rushed out. They healed him as much as possible, then rushed him out of the arena. Scorpion walked out of the arena, the whole crowd in stunned silence.

The next match between Elenar and Scorpion came at eight PM. “Scorpion.” Elenar said. “I know you.” Scorpion Responded. “You’re that guardian from when I got my armor, which is now destroyed because of my own attack being sent back at me with double the force.” Elenar wasn’t happy. “I vowed revenge against you, for ruining my life. I was fired, and outlawed for a time because of that. I will defeat you.” Elenar ran at Scorpion. He pummeled Scorpion in the face with tremendous force. Scorpion fell backwards, and before even Scorpion could think, Elenar was on him. Elenar picked him up and hit him, over and over. “Enough!” Scorpion shouted. He threw his scythe away. “Why would you do that?” asked Elenar. Scorpion threw a punch at Elenar, thwacking him in the face. They attacked each other with fists. They both got in quite a bunch of attacks in. “Because” Scorpion said. He threw a punch. “It’s more” Elenar attacked. “Fun like this!” And that’s when, at eight thirty PM, two Massive holes in the atmosphere opened up behind Scorpion and Elenar, and then black monsters, with amazingly bright marks on them, poured out of the holes. Elenar and Scorpion both stopped fighting, and turned. Scorpion grabbed up his scythe. He attacked the strange beings. Elenar started attacking them too.

The King sat with a dilemma. With the magic still going, they had a higher chance to live if they lost, but they could send in aids. He pondered on it. “Open the barrier.”

The magic faded from the area as Elenar Fought the Dark beings. Archers Started shooting the beings.

That’s when A massive explosion happened from the Mountain of Darwin. It made walls crumble in the coliseum. people were buried under debris. Elenar and Scorpion were sent flying. Aaron, who was shooting arrows at the enemy being, got thrown forward too. The Bricks crushed the other archers. Aaron landed beside Elenar and Scorpion. The whole coliseum was falling over. “Into the portals!” shouted Elenar. “It’s the safest place!!! We’re doomed here, but we have a chance in there!” Scorpion nodded, and ran near the portal with Elenar. Aaron looked behind him. Chaos was everywhere. People were dead or dying. The walls were about to collapse. Aaron saw tornadoes shooting towards the coliseum. The earth was shaking. Suddenly an arrow hit Elenar’s back when he was entering the portal. “Aaron! Come on! We’re doomed here!” Scorpion shouted at Aaron. Scorpion picked up Elenar. The tornadoes hit the edge of the coliseum. Hail started raining upon the whole area. Warriors fought against the dark beings, distracting them from Elenar, Aaron and Scorpion. Aaron turned and ran to Scorpion. Aaron nodded. They leaped into the portal, into wherever it would take them.


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(1) Scorpion, Aaron and Elenar.

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“A day to the day of the day before the great mountain is taken over. The day after that day and the other day there will soon be a day that will start the problem that leads up to the day that the master wins, but someday there will be three people who will unite the hidden powers of the people,  and will one day, after the day they unite the power, will use thier powers to go fight the master, who may one day control how fast the days go and destroy peoples live by Taking away thier days by bringing thier fears to life.” -September 23, 489 A.D.

Scorpion is a great warrior. Actually he is infact the greatest warrior in the land of Aitra. 3 years ago from today, (september 24, 489 A.D.) there was a great contest. The 50 most amazing warriors from all vast regions of Aitra decided to fight for the sake of fighting. Scorpion won against every man who faced him. He is not a normal warrior. A normal warrior fights either with a sword, or a bow, anything like that, for they are very much easier to control, thus easier to fight with. A shield can be used with it, or at least a buckler. Scorpion used a scythe.

What is a scythe? It is the weapon of preference the grim reaper uses to tear the souls of the living from thier bodies.

Scorpion was an amazing warrior because fear did not effect him. Nothing magical, nor man could strike even the kindlings of fear into his cold heart. He was a driven by a force so powerful that he stared death in the face, and merely laughed. His life was of no importance, and oh how he laughed. For his armor, oh the wretched things, made him nearely immortal, no force could penetrate him whilst clothed in his evil, gleaming armor. He was derranged in many ways, there always seemed to be a darkness in his eyes, even when the sun was full force againse his ragged features. His hair was shoulder length and black, as black as black can get… ravens feathers were no comparison, it was unkept and parted to one side, his eyes were as dark as the midnight sky on a winters eve.
His lack of fear kept him alive, he ran head on into danger and emerged from the other side with a grin plastered to his face, in mock amusement.

The ability to not be affected by fear would come in handy quite soon…

Aaron is the Commanding captain of the entire guard. He fought with a sword, faster than anyone in the kingdom. One of his many theory’s or mottos were: you fight until you die, or you are incapacitated. If you give up, you deserve a court martial, or to be disbanded from the army. No true soldier would ever back down, never.
He used a two handed sword, or he used a longsword of some sorts. Everything he did was just to show that he was the best, better than everyone else. He learned from an experience he had that noone is to be trusted, not the king, not his friends, not anyone. Being highly efficient, he couldn’t allow anything past him. His strategies were impeccable, and his lust for power was the most powerful thing he had on his side.

It was such a powerful lust, that nothing could stop him when the time came to his peril…

Elenar is a mystical person. He’s one of the most powerful fighters in the land, though there are very few people who know he exists. One of the people who does is the king. This man used to be a gaurdian of the most ancient treasure in the world. A great armor. It was the Duke of Hirith who put him there. When some menacing figure with a scythe came and fought him and won with ease, this man barely even blinked when he battled Elenar, crushing him with four eased attacks. Elenar was fired from being this familys aid, and was chased out of  Aitra, just on the outskirts. He is not allowed to return to Aitra, on pain of death. Grudgingly Elenar vowed to find and kill this man with the scythe. Elenar and his vow for revenge has led him into a dilligent 6 years of training. He also saved the king 3 years ago, during an assasination attempt at him at a great contest. But to his dismay, Elenar missed the sight of his greatest enemy in return for the life of a king. His training still continues, and he searches ever more for the man with the scythe…

And until his death, Elenar would not rest.

But later, close to 6 in the evening on september 24, an invite to a contest at a great coliseum arrived from the king to each of them. They all agreed to leave at once for this great coliseum, for the contest began the following day.

The day after the day before the day that was before the day that the mountain will be taken over.


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